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  • Tips for Talking with Your Teen About a Career

    Relevant Campus(es):

    A mother and daughter have a friendly discussion about her interests and what she would like to do after high school.

    These suggestions can help you guide young people towards sound choices about the working world

    If you live with a teen, then you know how hard it can be to get their attention, let alone engage them in conversation on a topic outside their area of interest. Asking “What do you want to be when you grow up?” comes naturally to many adults, but it’s not likely to inspire someone in high school to talk openly about their interests, fears, and aspirations. The last thing you want to do is to make the young person you care about more stressed out, or for them to shut down.

  • Presentations Boost Students’ Learning as Medical Assistants

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    Matthew Cloutier, a student in the Medical Assisting program at Salter College, presenting a power-point presentation on Parkinson Disease vs. Multiple Sclerosis to his classmates.

    Comparing and contrasting diseases is an effective way to learn

    At Salter College’s West Boylston campus in Massachusetts, Dr. Phillip Wong teaches an “Anatomy and Physiology” class in the Medical Assisting program that involves more than just lectures and discussion. Dr. Wong requires that each of his students does research on two diseases and then make a presentation to the class about what they’ve learned. “It’s a truly engaged kind of learning,” Dr. Wong says, “that provides the students with new approaches to the subject matter.”

  • Resume Boosters—While You’re Still in School

    Relevant Campus(es):

    College student shakes hands with a volunteer coordinator, while his mother looks on.

    Get a head start on doing the things that look good on a resume

    For anyone in school—whether you’re in career school, vocational school, or college—it’s never too early to start thinking about your resume. Sure, you won’t actually need your resume until you’ve got your degree, but there are lots of things you can be doing right now to make your resume look great in the future.

  • The Benefits of Learning in a Simulated Medical Office

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    Two Salter College students work together to complete tasks using SimChart electronic medical records simulation software from Elsevier, a partial screen grab from the software is also shown

    Medical Assisting students get hands-on experience with critical industry software

    The ability to navigate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is a vital component of working as a Medial Assistant. This is why Salter College provides a course as part of its training program that essentially creates a Simulated Medical Office through the wonders of technology.

  • 12 Fun Cooking Trends in 2018

    Relevant Campus(es):

    Persian lamb kebabs on homemade flat bread and pomegranate seeds, cold brewed coffee with a cinnamon stick 'straw'

    Be aware of these popular dishes and ideas if you’re interested in culinary arts as a career

    If you like to cook and are interested in food, then you’re always on the lookout for fun new trends that are taking restaurants and cooking shows by storm. If you’re interested in making the culinary arts your career, then these take on even more importance, because you can learn to integrate them into your training and your professional life. Students at the Salter College Culinary Arts program and other chefs and chef-wanna-be’s: take note of what’s happening in the food world right now. These could be your next source of inspiration!

  • Questions You Might Get in a Medical Assistant Job Interview

    Relevant Campus(es):

    Young woman is being interviewed in-person, by two people who are also looking at her resume.

    Use these suggestions when preparing during your job search process

    If you’re getting close to completing your professional training program as a Medical Assistant, you’re probably starting to send out resumes to potential employers. If you do a good job presenting yourself on paper, you might soon be asked to come in for an interview. That’s a great first step! Now what?

  • What Makes a Good Career Training School

    Relevant Campus(es):

    Young woman at career-school campus smiling in front of text books.

    Find a program that suits your needs for a new profession

    There are lots of reasons to explore alternatives to a traditional four-year college. You may be eager to get out into the working world, or unwilling to spend the years of studying—and thousands of dollars—it can take to earn a traditional degree. It can be a relief to know that there are several other options available, especially in terms of professional training schools. The key is to know what you’re looking for, and how to find a program that will help you get where you want to go.

  • Is Medical Assistant a Good Career?

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    Two students in the Medical Assistant training program at Salter College practice proper patient transfer techniques.

    No college necessary for becoming a medical assistant

    If there’s one career field where you know you’re making a difference in the world, it’s the field of healthcare. Healthcare workers help patients receive the care they need to get healthy and stay healthy. Working in healthcare doesn’t mean you have to become a doctor or a nurse. There are dozens and dozens of different career paths within the field of healthcare—many of which don’t require a college degree. This article looks at what it means to become a Medical Assistant.

  • Tricks Chefs Use to Save Time in the Kitchen

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    Professional chefs, and prep cooks in a busy restaurant kitchen.

    Try these techniques to improve your cooking time!

    Whether you developed a love for cooking at a young age after watching one of your parents cook dinner every night or you simply cook to survive, you are probably always looking for ways to make a meal in less time. The quicker you can get to actually enjoying it, the better, right?

    We've gathered some suggestions and tips from around the world wide web to help you shave some minutes off your cooking time while still being able to make delicious meals! Which ones might you try tonight or the next time you are preparing a meal?

  • Welcome to Winter!

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    Workmen bundled up to shovel snow from a public walkway

    Tips for staying safe during wintry weather

    There's something magical about a season's first snow. It's pretty and clean.  Maybe it makes you want to stay inside, rent a movie on Netflix, and make soup. But, what if you can't do that every time Mother Nature sends a storm your way? What if you have to get to work? What if you just need to get outside and exercise? How can you enjoy the look and feel of a snow storm while also staying safe? Follow these tips, and you'll be on your way to embracing winter and all the wonder of snow rather than the headaches of it!

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