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  • Money Saving Tips for Students

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    It's never too late to adjust your spending to save money

    At Salter College, we understand that money can be tight for students. We've done some research and compiled these tips that might help get you moving down a path of saving money. They might also make you think of additional ways as well!

  • 5 Characteristics of Successful Culinary Arts Professionals

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    culinary arts career, culinary arts training

    Working in the food industry isn’t the same as cooking at home!

    Are you considering getting trained for a career in the culinary arts? If you love home cooking, you might believe that preparing food for a living might be a good career choice. And you may be right. But before you jump headfirst into this new career, find out about the key personality traits that can make you successful in this career.

    According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor, the following traits are important for people who want to start a career in the food industry:

  • How to Create a LinkedIn Profile or Update a Current One to Help Boost Your Career

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    how to make a great linkedin profile

    Follow these tips for using this powerful networking tool

    LinkedIn is a social media networking tool that allows professionals in all industries to showcase their experience, share knowledge, search for job opportunities, and connect with each other. Whether you are looking for your first job or are an experienced professional, maintaining a LinkedIn profile can open the doors of possibility for you.

  • Happiness Tips

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    happiness tips

    Trying one or more of these suggestions can open the door to happier times

    Do you spend your days running from one to-do list to the next without much time in between to stop and fully appreciate the moment? Is your mind always racing with worry about school, work, loved ones, or world events? Do you want to bring more happiness and joy into your daily life, but feel like you are stuck and spinning with no exit to the road to happiness in sight?

  • Is Medical Assistant a Good Career?

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    medical assistant training program salter college

    Find out why people are choosing to get medical assistant training

    If you are looking for a new career, you may have heard about Medical Assistant training. If you’re wondering, “What is a medical assistant?” we can tell you. They are healthcare professionals who are trained to assist with both clinical and administrative tasks in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other facilities. They are not at the level of nurses, but they are still an important part of the healthcare system.

    Consider some of the benefits of choosing this career field.

    1. The job growth for medical assistants is predicted to be positive

    If you are thinking about medical assistant school, one of the first questions you might ask is “Will there be medical assisting jobs when I graduate?” To get an understanding of the future job outlook for this career, try the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. It contains job outlooks for hundreds of careers.

  • Salter College’s 8 Steps to a Better Attitude toward School

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    laerning postive attitude life skills salter college student tips 

    A positive attitude can improve your school day

    How would you rate your attitude toward school? Do you look forward to your classes? Or is it a struggle to come to school every morning? If you find yourself being negative about school, complaining about your classes, or not putting forth your best effort, it may be time to turn your attitude around. With these tips, you may be able to take a u-turn and steer yourself away from these negative patterns. By taking a more positive approach, you can get more out of your education and feel better about yourself.

    Step 1. Think positive!

    School can be challenging. It may feel like you have too much homework and too many tests. But having a negative attitude won’t help. Instead of saying, “This is too hard” or “I can’t do this,” try to use positive language. Try phrases like this: “This is hard, but I’m getting better at it.” Or: “The sooner I finish this homework, the sooner I can move on.” Or: “Look at how much I’ve learned so far.”

  • An Interview with Recent Faculty of the Month: Carol Clafflin

    Relevant Campus(es):

    faculty of the month

    Clafflin has been recognized numerous times for her excellence in the classroom

    You may recall that we’ve done a spotlight on Carol Clafflin in the past. And now there’s more good news. Clafflin was honored again for her excellence! Her most recent award was the Salter College Faculty of the Month award. To give you another chance to learn more about her, we conducted this interview:

  • 7 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    tips to help you prepare for a job interview

    Try these steps to make this important day a success

    It is great news when you get a job interview. It means you’ve made it past the first round of cuts, and that the employer wants to know more about you. The interview is the employer’s chance to see if you are a good fit for the position, and it’s also your chance to see if the job is right for you.

  • Learn the Difference between a Medical Assistant and a Nursing Assistant

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    difference between medical assistant and nursing assistant

    This overview can help you decide on a healthcare career path

    Are you thinking about a career in the healthcare industry? Do you want a job in which you’re directly helping patients? Are you looking for an entry-level position? Do you want to be able to train quickly to get into the workforce? Becoming a medical assistant may be for you. However, you may be wondering what the difference is between this position and a nursing assistant. Both of these roles are team-oriented and a critical component of the healthcare industry. Read on to find out more about the differences.

  • What it Means to Be Professional in a Healthcare Job

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    being professional at work

    Acting professional is not hard, and you can reap benefits by following these tips

    For anyone in career training, you have probably heard your teachers tell you that it is important to “act professional.” Have you ever wondered what this means? If you are like many people in training for a healthcare career, then these tips are for you. These tips are especially important for students who are studying to become medical assistants. In this role, acting with professionalism is an important way to show respect and gain credibility on the job.

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