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  • How to Get Ahead as a Medical Assistant

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    medical assistant program

    Follow these tips to stand out in your workplace

    If you’re enrolled in a medical assistant training program, you might already be looking forward to starting your first job. You’ll likely be prepared with a series of skills from your training, but there are also a lot of “soft skills” that go into on-the-job success.

  • How to Avoid Common Injuries from Exercise

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    Here are steps you can take to prevent common sports injuries

    Whether you’re starting exercise for the first time in years (or maybe ever) or you’re an experienced athlete, one of your primary objectives is the same: to work out safely. And the steps to avoid injury are the same.

  • The Many Health Benefits of Massage

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    Here’s part of why this ancient modality is considered a healing profession.

    If you’re studying to be a massage therapist, then you’re learning about the many ways you can treat your client—mentally and psychologically as well as physically—through a series of healing and therapeutic techniques. It turns out that when you manipulate a client’s skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, you’re doing more than meets the eye.

  • Traits of an Effective Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    medical billing and coding program, qualities of a medical biller and coder

    These qualities can help you to excel in your first job after medical billing and coding school

    If you’re currently attending medical billing and coding school, you’re learning about many aspects of this crucial healthcare role. This prepares you for your first job, where you’ll be expected to accurately translate diagnoses and treatments into the relevant medical codes for insurance claims. Once you’re on the job, you’ll learn some of the finer points about how to submit billings for payment, decipher medical files and doctors’ notes, follow-up about rejected or disputed claims, and track down payments.

  • The Keys to a Great Job Interview Performance

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    job interview tips

    Keep these points in mind to do your best on the big day

    An interview is a great opportunity to sell yourself, and that’s something we can all practice and improve around. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. After all, an interview is a conversation—a chance to get to know each other better.

  • Benefits of Staying Hydrated

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    staying hydrated, benefits of drinking water

    Drinking lots of water—especially in summer—does your body good inside and out

    Why is everyone always talking about drinking enough water? Well, the simple answer is: because it helps revitalize all areas of the body. 60% of your body is made up of water, which means every time you take a sip, you’re replenishing yourself. It helps your brain and heart (76% water) to function at their best—it’s a painless, exercise-free way to give our most essential organs a boost!

  • Interesting Facts about Medical Billing and Coding

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    medical billing and coding fun facts, medical billing and coding trivia

    If you’re training to be a health claims specialist, here’s some helpful info

    Are you considering training in medical billing and coding, or in a training program now? If so, check out some of this information about the field you’re preparing to enter. It’s great to have perspective about your profession and its essential role in the healthcare landscape.

  • 4 Q and A’s about Culinary Arts School

    Relevant Campus(es): West Boylston

    culinary arts training program

    If you love an energetic working environment, culinary arts training might be a good fit

    Are you ready to take the plunge and start a new career? Many people are curious about starting a career in the culinary arts. With the popularity of cooking shows, it’s no wonder that people want to explore their love of cooking. Take a look at these FAQ’s, and see if this career field might be a good fit for you.

  • Fitness Tips for Busy Students

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    fitness tips for busy people, quick exercises

    Even if you only have a few minutes each day, there’s an exercise you can do

    Staying in shape is important for your body and mind. If exercise isn’t already part of your daily routine before becoming a student, chances are fitness is ranking even lower on your list now that you’re even busier. But making exercise a priority will let you feel better about yourself today and keep you feeling healthier and happier as life gets more stressful.

  • How Self-Care and Massage Is Useful In the Smartphone Era

    Relevant Campus(es): Chicopee, West Boylston

    massage for the technology era

    There are steps to take given how we contort our bodies sitting at computers, reading on tablets, and looking at smartphones all day

    Anyone who sits at a computer all day may be all-too familiar with the buildup of tension in the neck and shoulders. Maybe you also are aware that one of your arms and wrists (whichever you use to manipulate a mouse) is tighter and more prone to pain than the other. Even just sitting reading or texting on our smartphones intermittently throughout the day can take a toll on the muscles in your neck, lower back, hands, and wrists. However, we’re so accustomed to this behavior now, as a fact of our modern life, that we forget these muscles need care over time.

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