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Salter College’s 8 Steps to a Better Attitude toward School

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A positive attitude can improve your school day

How would you rate your attitude toward school? Do you look forward to your classes? Or is it a struggle to come to school every morning? If you find yourself being negative about school, complaining about your classes, or not putting forth your best effort, it may be time to turn your attitude around. With these tips, you may be able to take a u-turn and steer yourself away from these negative patterns. By taking a more positive approach, you can get more out of your education and feel better about yourself.

Step 1. Think positive!

School can be challenging. It may feel like you have too much homework and too many tests. But having a negative attitude won’t help. Instead of saying, “This is too hard” or “I can’t do this,” try to use positive language. Try phrases like this: “This is hard, but I’m getting better at it.” Or: “The sooner I finish this homework, the sooner I can move on.” Or: “Look at how much I’ve learned so far.”

Step 2. Be a leader among your friends

Think about your friends and the classmates you like. Do they have negative attitudes? Do they complain too much or spread gossip about others? If so, they may be bringing down your attitude too. Try to be a leader, and make an effort to change the pattern of negativity among your friends. Bring up positive topics, give encouraging compliments to others, and look for solutions to problems together.

Step 3. Look at what you have…not what you don’t have

Giving thanks is not just for Thanksgiving. It can be a year-round attitude. Try writing a list of the things that you are thankful for. You might feel grateful for your friends and your family members, as well as small things like a TV show you love or your favorite app on your phone. Taking time to be grateful for these things can help improve your attitude. There have even been scientific studies showing that feelings of gratitude can have a positive influence on your life.

Step 4. Pause before you speak

Take a whole day and try to focus on what you say. Are you complaining? Are you putting others down? Are you a pessimist? If so, your own words might be dragging you down. Instead, take a brief pause before talking, and try to re-frame what you want to say with a positive spin. Taking this brief pause is especially helpful if you are angry. The pause gives you a chance to cool off and find the positive.

Step 5. Be proud of your achievements

School can get so busy that you don’t have time to reflect on what you have already learned and achieved. Take a moment to think back to the beginning of your school year. Then write down a list of 5-10 things you have learned since then. List any achievements, like a good grade you got on a test, or an assignment that you liked. Keep this list going throughout the school year, and you will find by the end of the year that you are building expertise. This is something that you should feel good about!

Step 6. Find what’s good in others

We all have our strong points and weak points. This is important to remember when you interact with other people. If you are someone who gets mad at your classmates or perhaps judges someone too harshly, try to change your perspective. Instead of focusing on what makes you angry about that person, look for their positive traits. Be friendly towards everyone, and you may find that you are making friends with people you never would have guessed you would like.

Step 7. Lend a hand

Giving can be its own reward. A busy student may not have time to volunteer every week at the local shelter, but there are still small acts of kindness that can go a long way. Lend someone change when they need it. Hold the door for the people behind you. Let people ahead of you while driving. Text compliments to your friends and classmates. You will be surprised how “doing good” can improve your attitude.

Step 8. Don’t forget to smile!

With so many people consumed with their mobile phones, many of us don’t remember to look up and smile at others. A smile is a great way to spread a positive message. Making positive eye contact and giving your teacher a smile is the perfect way to start the day. Smiling and laughing can also improve your own mood and erase some of those negative thoughts.

If you are ready to adopt a positive attitude, we hope these tips start you off on the right foot. 


These tips are part of Salter College’s student resource blog. At Salter College, we want to promote healthy and positive attitudes toward learning and life. For more information about Salter College, contact us online.


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