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Suggestions for Staying Positive about School

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A positive attitude can lead to a successful experience

Sometimes when you are in the middle of a tough course or you have been studying non-stop for a test, it's hard to remember the excitement you felt at the start of your training program. The prize of finding your dream job at the end of school seems lost in a dark tunnel. Maybe, you feel stuck in the routine of getting up early, spending your days in class, and then doing homework at night.

These things can certainly drain your enthusiasm and turn your positive thinking into negative thinking quicker than a downhill roller coaster ride. However, keeping a positive attitude may actually help you through the tough times, as well as make you even happier in the good times. A positive attitude may help you improve or maintain your grades as well as your interactions with classmates and instructors. But, where do you start?

We've collected just a few suggestions to get you into a practice of positivity that can help pull you through stressful times and strengthen the easier times to make your educational experience the best it can possibly be.

Practice gratitude

It's true that life can throw some curve balls every so often. Everyone faces problems and challenges, but it is important to remember that we can all find something or someone to be grateful for even during trying times. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Each morning, write down three things you are grateful for. Keep the list short like:
    • Coffee
    • Extra 10 minutes of sleep
    • A hug from a friend

            Carry the list with you and use it as a reminder throughout the day.

  • Make a list of things related to school that you are grateful for. Some examples: an instructor who stayed after class to help you, your study group, the fact that you passed a tough class, etc.
  • Tell someone that you are grateful for them. It can be something simple like, “I am grateful we met and became friends.” Or “I am grateful you helped me study for a final.”

Develop a habit of thinking about the people, places and things in your life that make you happy or feel grateful. If a negative thought starts to swirl in your mind, try replacing it with one of these thoughts.

Hit the pause button

Often, when bad mood or stress strike, they can lead to quick reactions. In those moments, it's best to pause to collect your thoughts before speaking to avoid saying something you might regret. Give yourself time to think about how you might be able to say something in a kinder, gentler way rather than in anger. Look for positive words and phrases and avoid negative ones.

Positive thinking goes a long way

Mastering a skill or learning new topics in school takes practice – and sometimes a ton of it! Maintaining a positive attitude does, too. Focusing on positive thoughts rather than negative ones can lead to a calmer, more centered you as you work your way through school. Here are some phrases you can use to remind yourself throughout the day that you are heading in the direction of achieving your goals!

  • I am capable of learning this material.
  • I am open to listening to my teacher's guidance.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • I will finish this course.
  • I will finish my program and find a job.

Practicing positivity on a daily basis can definitely elevate your mood and attitude. And with a positive outlook, you might find more and more opportunities for success in school.


We hope this article will start you down a path of positivity about school and beyond!

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